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Lots of generous people giving the campaign money..... Many Thanks :)



Becky Hothersall wants to raise money for the Diaylsis Unit she says:

I am chopping off my hair to raise funds for Bute Kidney Patients Support Group

Becky’s fundraising page can be accessed from the following link:





Many thanks




The Bute Kidney Patients Support Group fundraising received a great boost  today with a generous cheque of £1,000 from Argyll & Bute Trust and £1,000 from Rothesay Rotary Club which will support  the cost of travelling expenses for the nurses training.

Pictured with Shirley and Sharon from Bute Kidney Patients Support Group are Dan Edgar, Chairman, Representative of Bute, Argyll & Bute Trust and Jim Findlay, President, Rothesay Rotary Club.

Shirley thanked both Dan and Jim for the generous donations and said “due to the work which is required within the hospital itself to install the Dialysis Unit, whilst ensuring no beds are lost to the community, we are still fundraising to meet the £88,000 shortfall and will continue to fundraise to help support patients and their families”









































Colleccting Tins

Pictured is Callum Lingard presenting Sharon Cole, Treasurer of Bute Kidney Dialysis Support Group with a donation of £285.00 being the collection taken from his Uncle Rob’s funeral on 17th July 2019.

Sharon thanked Callum for this very generous donation and she also told us that some people in the community think that the group has stopped fund raising now that the Unit on Bute has been given the go ahead,  however the Bute Kidney Dialysis Support Group was originally set up to support the dialysis patients and their families and we continue with our fundraising efforts.