Dialysis Unit Campaign

Bute Kidney Patients Support Group are raising funds to establish a Dialysis Unit on the Isle of Bute.

The reason for getting a Unit on the island is to save renal patients from the tiring and lengthy journey to the mainland 3 times per week to receive life -saving dialysis.  This is a difficult journey involving travelling by ferry which can go off due to the weather or technical problems especially during the winter months.  These patients are already very ill, and this journey leaves them feeling extremely tired.  Having a local Unit would cut out all the travelling and hopefully improve both their quality of life and their health

So far over £300,000 has been raised and work was about to start on the Unit when a funding application from a prominent UK charity was rejected.

This leaves a shortfall of at least £37,000 and because of this, the opening of the Dialysis Unit may be delayed.  Fundraising will continue to ensure the Unit is operational as soon as possible.

Please give a donation – no matter how big or small to let us cover this shortfall in funding.  



If you would like to make a donation to our campaign, you can send a cheque made out to Bute Kidney Patients Support Group


and send to:


Sharon Cole,

40 Columshill Street,


Isle of Bute,

PA20 0DW


We are always looking for people with fundraising ideas that they can implement.  Just ring 505456 or leave a message on our Facebook page.

Please come and join us, all support, ideas, practical help, gratefully and happily recieved.